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Emerging newspaper, KATSINA MIRROR, has finally hit the net with this debut edition. The newspaper owned by young entrepreneurs will no doubt appeal to Nigerians and everyone indeed; irrespective of language and age, with its unique flavour. 

I take delight in this column to bring you, dear readers, good tidings, on behalf of my colleagues and humble self, making an in road into the new media publishing industry, with this edition as our maiden effort. 

It’s my prayer that this unique offering gives a good taste of our zeal to carve a niche in the industry and ‘redefine the norms,’ as we elevate our career. 

Few days after we started spending some sleepless nights in the confines of our homes, working tirelessly on this project, a cleric gave a boost to my commitment. The minister of God spoke like no other.

It was in the morning.  The cold harmattan wind savagely lashed everything, people, buildings and even cars in the capital city of Katsina State,  however, the cleric was ready to preach. The messages was more of charges and expectations from the congregation,  Nigerians and those in position of authority.

The cleric charged his listeners to focus on their dreams to disappoint their enemies and surpass the feats people thought were impossible. 

The title of this piece, ‘Prove Them Wrong,’ was the basis of his thought provoking message. The clergy urged people to accept the fact that there is hope, despite  the prevailing harsh circumstances of life. He said that in the face of difficulties, people could still successfully overcome all challenges.

Hear him: “No man can act your destiny. Prove them wrong. Don’t use the testimony of others to run your life.  You are the best actor of your life…”

He encouraged those who had doubts about their future to “re-address” their minds because the destinies of many were linked to their own and it would be unfortunate for them to fail this and future generations.

“The Time Table of your life is designed for you. There is nothing in your life that cannot change. God can re-write the history of your family through you,” he said.

By Andy Asemota

Katsina Mirror

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