Yar’adua: Tinubu needs time to fix Nigeria

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The law maker representing Katsina Central Senatorial District in the National Assembly, Sen. Abdul’aziz Musa Yar’adua, has opined that President Bola Tinubu needs time to deliver good governance in Nigeria.
The younger brother of late President Umaru Musa Yar’adua, who spoke with journalists in Katsina, believe that Nigerians must be patient with the new President if they want to see him succeed in governance of the country.
“I am happy that the expectations are now high, as you said, and I believe Nigeria should be patient with the President and we should stop counting whether he has spent 30 or 40 days; what’s important is that he has four years to deliver.
“And we should know that governance is not something you do in a blink of an eye. It takes time to plan if you want to do right things and that is what he (Tinubu) is doing.
“You can see the President has already set up an ad hoc committee on tax reform; this should tell you that the President is serious. He wants to make sure that things work in this country and he wants to make sure that we stop borrowing and we have a tax reform that will be very friendly to Nigerians.
“So, he has started on a very good footing and I believe that we as senators and members of the National Assembly will give him all the support that he needs to succeed; that is why we are there, because we represent Nigerians,” said Yar’adua.
He applauded the President for promptly stopping dual foreign exchange and fuel subsidy regime and working hard on palliatives to reduce the hardship of Nigerians.
“So, he has started on the right footing, what is important is to deal with those challenges that the country is currently facing, especially that of insecurity and the economy, which he has started well.
The senator also charged the nation’s service chiefs to stay focus and do what it takes to make Nigeria save, even as he vouched for their competence and qualifications to carry out their assigned duties.
Yar’adua, a contemporary of the military top brass until his retirement into partisan politics, said: “I don’t think any Nigerian should be worried; what is important is just know that all service chiefs are good, I have interacted with them in several fora when I was in the military.”
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