One Year Anniversary of Governor Malam Dikko Radda, PhD, CON – Achievements in Education

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The administration of Gov Radda since inception has tremendously made focus on impacting educational sector in Katsina. The followings are some of the major accomplishments recorded so far.

Government has paid mobilization for the construction of seventy five new Secondary Schools across the State at the total cost of N5,688,693,220.38 (Five billion six hundred eighty-eight million six hundred ninety-three thousand two hundred twenty naira and thirty-eight kobo only), under the AGILE Program to kick start the construction.

KTSG has approved the disbursement of Mega grant to fifteen (15) Secondary schools for Phase I, to the tune of N1,500,000,000.00 (One billion five hundred million naira only), in addition to disbursement of grant to one hundred (100) selected secondary schools across the state in Phase II, where each school received N44,750,000.00 (Forty-four million seven hundred fifty thousand naira only), totaling the sum of N4,475,000,000.00 (four billion four hundred seventy-five million naira only).  

KTSG have also paid N547,410,000.00 (five hundred forty-seven million four hundred ten thousand naira only) to first and second cohorts of fifty four thousand seven hundred and forty one (54,741) CCT beneficiaries to enable them attain 70% attendance rate and to gain promotion to upper grade during the third term of 2022/2023 academic session.  

KTSG has disbursed the sum of N245,855,000.00 (two hundred forty-five million eight hundred fifty-five thousand naira only) for the third cohorts of Girls Scholarship to forty nine thousand three hundred and seventy (49,370) mothers and caregivers across the State.

Under the Better Education Service Delivery for All (BESDA) Program, Government has procured equipment and grants for primary schools across the state to the tune of N1,833,025,146.00 (one billion eight hundred thirty-three million twenty-five thousand one hundred forty-six naira only), while the sum of N2,240,281,377.80 (Two billion two hundred forty million two hundred eighty-one thousand three hundred seventy-seven naira and eighty kobo only) was spent for the rehabilitation, construction and supply of furniture under UBEC program.

In a bid to ease the burden of payment of examination fees by parents and students, KTSG has within the period under review, paid the sum of N1,390,861,100.00 (One billion three hundred ninety million eight hundred sixty-one thousand one hundred naira only) as examination fees for WAEC, NECO, NBAIS and NABTEB for the year 2023.  

The sum of N177,023,211.00 (One hundred seventy-seven million twenty-three thousand two hundred eleven naira only) was also settled as outstanding liability for NECO Examination fees.  This is in addition to the payment of N73,118,500.00 (Seventy-three million one hundred eighteen thousand five hundred naira only) and N43,711,611.00 (Forty-three million seven hundred eleven thousand six hundred eleven naira only) for the conduct of Basic Examination Certificate and conduct of Qualifying examination for SS II students respectively. 

Similarly, the sum of N14,482,250.00 (Fourteen million four hundred eighty-two thousand two hundred fifty naira only) was expended for the rehabilitation of CBT Centres at Dutsinma, Daura and Malumfashi. 

KTSG has also settled the outstanding payments of N146,578,788.00 (One hundred forty-six million five hundred seventy-eight thousand seven hundred eighty-eight naira only) for the rehabilitation of structures at GDSS Jikamshi, GDSS Kambarawa, as well as GDSS Zango.

The importance of instructional materials in the development of education sector cannot be over emphasized. Accordingly, the sum of N271,665,000.00 (Two hundred seventy-one million six hundred sixty-five thousand naira only) was expended for the procurement of customized instructional materials for distribution to primary schools across the State.  Continuous Assessment Booklet for Junior and Senior Secondary Schools were also printed and distributed at the total cost of N150,000,000.00 (One hundred fifty million naira only). 

The Government has also constructed and delivered forty two units of 2-seater chair for pupils and 2 sets of teacher’s furniture in sixty different primary schools at the cost of N122,200,000.00 (One hundred twenty-two million two hundred thousand naira only).

In view of the need to encourage integration and enhance representation in Unity and Federal Government Secondary Schools, Government has paid the sum of N15,048,000.00 (Fifteen million forty-eight thousand naira only) as school fees for new intake students at Federal Government Colleges for the year 2023/24 and N95,562,531.00 (Ninety-five million five hundred sixty-two thousand five hundred thirty-one naira only) as school fees for sponsored returning students at Federal Government Colleges for the year 2023/24. 

KTSG has also within the period approved the conduct of census of primary and secondary schools across the State at the total cost of N92,823,500.00 (Ninety-two million eight hundred twenty-three thousand five hundred naira only).  

KTSG has settled the outstanding payment of N79,025,300.00 (Seventy-nine million twenty-five thousand three hundred naira only) of sponsored students at Federal Government Colleges. There was also the release of N441,834,416.00 (Four hundred forty-one million eight hundred thirty-four thousand four hundred sixteen naira only) for disbursement of scholarship allowance to thirty three thousand four hundred and ninety two (33,492) students of tertiary institutions of the 2021/2022 session.

KTSG has ensured the payment of N37,111,620.00 (Thirty-seven million one hundred eleven thousand six hundred twenty naira only) as running cost to secondary schools in the State, in addition to settlement of N92,779,050.00 (Ninety-two million seven hundred seventy-nine thousand fifty naira only) as outstanding running cost liabilities.

For boarding students, the sum of N355,773,600.00 (Three hundred fifty-five million seven hundred seventy-three thousand six hundred naira only) was expended to feed them within the period. Government also disbursed the sum of N4,054,720,687.30 (Four billion fifty-four million seven hundred twenty thousand six hundred eighty-seven naira and thirty kobo) to one hundred and fifty (150) primary schools for construction and renovation of some structures under the Transforming Education System at State Level (TESS) Program.

Government has employed the services of Seven thousand three hundred and twenty (7,320) teachers under Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education and SUBEB in order to address manpower needs in this sector. In addition, the sum of N405,000,000.00 (Four hundred five million naira only) has been approved for the training of Ten thousand (10,000) teachers including the newly recruited ones.

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