Katsina targets 3 fold rise in capacity of Zobe Dam water treatment plant

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* As the govt seeks significant capacity increase from 80,000cubic metres per day to 240,000

The Katsina State Government on Friday said it targets a significant expansion of the treatment plant at Zobe Dam from 80,000 cubic metres per day to 240,000 cubic metres / day capacity to surpass the 2030 projected demand of Katsina City and adjoining areas.

The State Governor, Dr. Dikko Umar Radda, made the pledge while receiving the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Infracorp Nigeria, Dr. Lazarus Angazo in Abuja.

Radda, in a release issued by his Chief Press Secretary, Ibrahim Kaula Mohammed, said that the expansion would be crucial in addressing water distribution challenges that had persisted for decades.

“The existing water distribution infrastructure, which has stood for over 47years, now contends with pressure constraints that adversely impact efficient water supply, particularly to the historic town of Katsina.

“The ambitious scope of Phase 1B (water project) encompasses an array of critical tasks, including the ongoing Study Design, Preparation of Bill of Engineering Measurement and Quantities, the formulation of Bid Documents, and meticulous Supervision required for the laying of Potable Water Transmission Mains and Distribution networks. 

“The ultimate goal is to cater to the needs of over 80% of the intended beneficiaries of the Zobe Regional Water Supply Scheme. 

“Moreover, the Katsina State Government is actively seeking intervention to meet the burgeoning potable water demand of Katsina City and the adjoining areas across Phases 1A, 1B, and 2,” the statement disclosed.

 This targeted enhancement designed to surpass the 2030 projected demand, according to the statement, would necessitate the creation of additional storage for clear water tanks, effectively replicating the existing treatment plant.

Radda, who emphasized the importance of an extensive overhaul to the water distribution system to cater to the burgeoning demands of the state’s population, further revealed his vision.

“We are very eager to see this project come to fruition. If we can successfully complete this project within our four-year term, we will leave a lasting impact on the lives of the less fortunate, alleviate healthcare challenges, and enhance the overall well-being of our citizens,” he affirmed, underscoring the urgency of securing funding and promptly initiating the project.

Furthermore, the Governor reaffirmed the state’s steadfast commitment to fulfilling all necessary prerequisites for securing funding and facilitating the project’s realization.

Earlier, Dr. Angbazo elucidated Infracorp’s pivotal role as a government-backed entity ardently focused on propelling infrastructure development, saying this endeavor receives steadfast support from institutions including the Central Bank of Nigeria, the Nigerian Sovereign Fund, and the African Finance Corporation.

He lauded Governor Radda’s resolute prioritization of the water project and expressed buoyant optimism concerning its potential positive impact.

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