Katsina elders Forum To ECOWAS: Allow Niger To Return To Civilian Rule In 2 Or 3 Years

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*We don’t see military juntas relinquishing power now

*Coupists risk death, if they quit without a programme

 . . .Tells Tinubu, you really disappointed us by betraying Masari

Katsina Elders Forum under the leadership of Maradin Katsina, District Head of Kurfi, Alhaji Ahmadu Kurfi, has called on ECOWAS and African Union to negotiate with the military leaders in Niger to return the country to civil rule after two or three years.

Elder statesman and acting chairman of the forum, Alhaji Aliyu Saulawa, at a press briefing in Katsina yesterday, argued that the gesture would allow the military juntas to have a political transition programme and avert the grave consequence of staging a military coup. 

Saulawa, making reference to the alleged threat of the coupists to kill Muhammad Bazoum, the overthrown president of Niger, wondered what would be the benefit of ECOWAS’ intervention if its ends in war with Niger and consequences that would be suffered by the people of that country and the states in Nigeria that share common border with the embattled nation.

“ECOWAS should be mindful of the repercussion, the aftermath of war; it’s not something that is very simple. So, the question of applying force does not, in fact, it should not come in.

“We are advising, like every other responsible citizens that spoke against the use of force, we are calling on Ahmed Tinubu to see reason in this situation. Nigeria and Niger are the same; we have a lot in common,” Saulawa stated.

Speaking through Ali Mohammed Sani, secretary of the forum, Saulawa who has been steering KEF for some time, said Nigeria is not short of problems that it will even contemplate expending resources and military capability on Niger’s internal crisis when Nigerians are suffering from kidnappings, banditry and socio – economic challenges begging for adequate attention.

“Let ECOWAS try to mediate diplomatically, let them meet these military leaders and ask for safety for Bazoum,” he admonished the regional body even as he cautioned  it against any hope that the coupists would relinquish power immediately after successfully assuming the leadership of Niger.

He queried: “Do you think a military leader who had led a successful coup will relinquish power when the consequence is death?”

The KEF stalwart also descried the failure of President Tinubu to nominate the immediate past Governor of Katsina State, Aminu Bello Masari’s, as a minister in the forthcoming cabinet at the centre as a betrayal.

He stressed that though one of the two ministerial nominees from the state, Arch. Ahmed Musa Dangiwa, could be a good representatives of Katsina at the federal level, members of the forum expected to see Masari on board as minister.

He insisted: “Tinubu really disappointed us by betraying Masari. I call it betrayal because if he (Tinubu) appointed so many people, especially ex -governors, why not Masari who worked very hard to see Tinubu emerged as candidate of APC and as President?”

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