Former President Buhari,middle,along with the Emir of Daura at the Daura Eid praying ground

Sallah : Former President Buhari urges Nigerians to support government policy as he observes prayers in Daura

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Former President Muhammadu Buhari has urged Nigerians to continue supporting government policy.

He made the appeal on Wednesday shortly after observing eid fitr at Daura Eid praying ground.

He said Nigerians should support leaders from local government to national level as they work together in transforming Nigeria.

“It is imperative that we stand united in safeguarding the sovereignty and integrity of our nation,” he said, calling on contestants to political offices “to always ensure a smooth succession from one administration to another without stoking communal tensions and obstructing development, irrespective of political party affiliation.”

He also declared “Support for our leaders is a vote for a better tomorrow.”

Buhari also appreciated the good people of Daura and Katsina for always coming out en messe to welcome him.

He congratulated muslim on the successful completion of the Ramadan fast.

He also encouraged Muslim faithful to reflect on the significance of the celebration and share love everywhere they find themselves.

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