Bauchi police command warns motorists on tinted glass,covered plate number 

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Motorists in Bauchi state have been warned against use of illegal tinted glass and covered number plates for security reasons.

The state police Commissioner, Auwal Musa Mohammed issued the directive  and its full enforcement in a press release signed by the command public relations officer, SP Mohammed Ahmed Wakil.

The  Command issued the warning to stop  the use of illegal tinted glass and concealed number plates on vehicles. 

The police commissioner noted a rise in the use of these items on private and unauthorized vehicles.

The command  stressed that the continued use of tinted glasses and concealed number plates on vehicles poses a significant risk to public safety and order in the state. 

The police also noted that it makes it difficult for law enforcement operatives  to identify vehicles involved in criminal activities, thereby hindering their efforts to maintain a safe environment for all.

The command further observed that “To ensure compliance with regulations regarding tinted glass and concealed number plates, all motorists plying public roads are urged to desist from this practice. 

“The Bauchi State Police Command is committed to enforcing the law and has directed a clampdown on violators.”

The Command urged members of the public to comply with the directive  and cooperate  with law enforcement agents  to maintain a safe environment for all.

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