Dambe Warriors League Circuit Fight 13 ends in Kano as Autan Kudawa and Yar Maje Triumph

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The new and redesigned Dambe Warriors league, held at Ado Bayero Square, was overflowing with a massive crowd eager to see the anticipated hausa traditional game.

Circuit Fight 13 was divided into three categories that includes lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight.

Autan Kudawa defeated Kurma 87-84 in the championship’s first division, lightweight, while Yar’mage defeated Bahagon Nasarawa with 87 points to 84. Similarly, Chindo, who is now regarded among the top fighters, defeated season one champion Zayyanu 88-84.

In the middleweight category, Ramadan returns to form by smashing Dan’Nigeria 89-81, while the two promising young talents Dogon Messi and Sha’aban slog it out, with Dogon Messi emerging triumphant with a score of 87-86.

Meanwhile, in heavyweight boxing, Dogo Maitakwasara regained his number one position with a victory over Yahayan Tarasa, Dutse defeated Ali Kanin Bello 86-84, and Bahagon Yansanda eliminated Shamsu via TKO.

Mr Anthony Okeleke, the co-founder of Dambe Warriors, noted that the league’s organization aims to elevate the status of traditional sports. According to Mr Anthony Okeleke, the Arena has also been updated to Premier League or Champions League standards.

He stated that current technologies will be introduced with the goal of transforming the Dambe traditional sports.

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