Report Electricity Distribution Company Expecting you to buy Transformers, Cables or Poles – NERC

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According to a post shared on its official X handle, The National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) announced that consumers can now call to report Electricity Distribution Company expecting consumers to buy transformers, cables or poles.

The X post reads,

Is your distribution company expecting you to buy transformers, cables or poles? A dedicated email and phone number have been set-up to address this issue; and 07074865354 respectively.
For all other complaints, please use the NERC Call Centre. Call 02013444331 or 09088999244 or send an email to
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- The National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC)

The launch of this call center is in response to the several complaints by numerous communities across the country lamenting the neglect of DISCOs in providing essential electricity infrastructure, leaving many without power for extended periods.

 The call centre aims to provide a platform for residents to report their concerns and push for improved electricity services.

In some cases where the residents procured transformers and cables, they still pay DISCOs to install the equipment and energise it. The companies do not refund the cost the communities and electricity customers incurred to provide such equipment or infrastructure.

However, electricity tariff is constantly hiked with DISCOs citing cost of maintenance and infrastructure provision.

The new NERC call centre will provide respite for consumers of electricity in Nigeria as they can now always call to report the DISCOs and help NERC to sanction erring Electricity Distribution Companies.

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